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Our Service Pledge

We know that the following principles provide the strongest foundation for successful business relations with our clients:

Trust is a matter of integrity.  You place great faith and trust in our promise to perform on your behalf. You also trust us to keep you accurately informed of current market conditions and other relevant information so that you can make well-informed decisions. We pledge to earn and keep this trust.

Parallel expectations.  You may have heard of “win-win” negotiations. It actually may be impossible for all parties to feel like they have “won.” What is possible and important is that the parties regularly and clearly communicate to ensure that their expectations begin in parallel, run in parallel and end in parallel, one with another.

Full disclosure.  We believe in full disclosure.  We practice full disclosure.  Period.

Unbiased advice.  Clients often ask us for advice in selecting service and/or product providers. We will pass along recommendations based upon the best of our knowledge and experience. You are not obligated to utilize these providers and obviously are free to seek alternative choices. Our recommendations are unbiased because we have NO affiliated business arrangements with any service and/or product providers. We are one of the few offices that can make this claim, and the only one (to our knowledge) that will put this assurance in writing. Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure.

Risk-reduction.  While there is no such thing as a risk-free environment, we will strive to minimize your exposure to risk, yet still help you reach your objectives. We take pride in our information sharing (from multiple databases) and our associations with other professionals (attorneys, CPA’s, lenders, title officers, etc.) in the real estate industry.

Options.  We will work with you to cultivate as many options as possible to help you achieve your goals; including suggesting the many ways that real estate ownership may be of benefit to you.

R & R.  In our business, “R & R” refers to our “Repeat and Referral” rate. We intend to serve you so well that not only will you use our services again, you also will be confident in referring your friends, relatives, neighbors and work associates to us. We believe that there is no more accurate measurement of performance in the real estate business than the company’s R & R rate. We are honored to enjoy an uncommonly high rate when compared to other real estate offices. We will strive to maintain and even improve upon this important measurement and hope that you will become and remain a part of our success.
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